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UK Pension Transfers

Offshore schemes offer a better return and more flexibility.


Professional investment performance and fund switching service...

Mortgages & Insurance

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Insurance Mortgages


Worldwide are now offering Free International Wills for a limited time only to its customers.

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65% of all money in circulation around the world is invested offshore in Tax Havens such as the Isle of Man.

Any money you have in a bank or pension is already being invested offshore. The bank and pension company are making all the profits and failing to pass them onto you!

Worldwide offer a FREE introductory meeting to expatriates on the benefits and mechanics of offshore banking and investments.


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We are different to every other broker and that’s a fact!

How we get paid:  

We are the only brokerage in the offshore industry that pay its staff a salary and NOT commission.

Paying a salary keeps us impartial and unbiased towards any of the products we have. You can be 100% certain that you will be getting the best advice at all times.

If any company pays its staff commission on what they sell, how can you be sure that they are selling what’s right for the client rather than what’s right for the consultant’s pocket? Paying commission stops consultants being honest as it puts temptation their way. When they are advising they are already calculating in their head the commission and therefore they will be selling the highest paying product.

We at Worldwide never pay commission to our staff, ever.

Worldwide will be paid an introducer's commission by all of the companies we represent. Our Managing Director has an agreement with all the companies we represent to pay our company a level commission across the board.

This ensures that we do not promote any company just because it pays the highest commission.

By staying honest it ensures that our clients, get the best service, advice and value for money everytime.

Honesty is the best Policy, We sell the best Policies!


Fact Not Fiction:

Fact: 65% of expatriates go home with nothing saved or invested.

We do not advertise our services, but reply upon recommendations only.

"People don't Plan to fail, they simply fail to Plan".

Nobody wants to end up with nothing in place.
Our role; "is to put you in an informed position so you can make the best decisions for you and your family"



"From small acorns do large oak trees grow"

Minimum investment start from as little as $150 / €150 / £100 per month. Big or Small all our clients are treated the same.

We have been providing comprehensive wealth management solutions to the expatriate around the globe in 66 Countries since 1995.

We put our clients first.

Our reputation is beyond reproach, as is our professional and highly personalised service and advice on every aspect of constructing and managing our client's needs.

As a professional expatriate, you have never been in a better position to start saving, but where do you put your hard earned money and who can you trust?

At Worldwide we believe in integrity, loyalty and service above all else.